Funds are still needed for: mastering and authoring of an educational DVD with the documentary, chapters and extra content; subtitling; distribution; and web development of an expanded website including teacher guides, educational materials and informational links
To make donations, organize a showing, find out where Jamaica for Sale is next showing...
Contact Jamaica Environment Trust
Phone: (876) 960-3693; (876) 960-9783; (876) 960-9385
Fax:    (876) 926-0212
Address: Earth House, 11 Waterloo Road,Kingston 10, Jamaica
* Start with yourself: Consume less, conserve energy and water, use fewer resources, drive less, fly less, eat low on the food chain
* Be informed about environmental issues in Jamaica - degraded watersheds, deteriorating water quality in rivers and the sea, dying coral reefs, destroyed wetlands, pollution and a range of unsustainable development  practices such as mining,  logging, high impact coastal development, inadequate sanitation and waste management
* Contact government officials and tell them that the environment should be the highest priority; notify them about things that are environmentally and socially harmful - Break the Silence!    
* Be informed about planned developments not just in your community but all over Jamaica; be an active citizen, be informed and participate in public processes
* Spread the word – get your family, friends, neighbours and networks involved; contact the media with your concerns
* Support environmental organizations with your money, time, and expertise
* Invest and train Jamaicans in environmental processes, products, businesses such as waste management,  recycling, organic and sustainable agriculture and fisheries, renewable energy, green transportation, protected areas management, biodiversity conservation    
* When visiting Jamaica spend money in the local economy. Cruise and all inclusive tourism leak money from the local economy and tend to exclude local people and communities; don't visit tourist attractions which exploit workers, despoil the natural environment and misuse animals
Value, honor and respect Jamaica
How to help? Contact us!
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