The Filmmakers
Esther Figueroa, PhD, (Vagabond Media, Juniroa Productions, Inc.) is a Jamaican, independent filmmaker, writer, and linguist. She has 25 years of experience in media production including documentaries, educational videos, television programming, music videos, multi-media, web content, and feature film. An activist filmmaker, her work focuses on local knowledge, indigenous cultures, social injustice, community empowerment, and the environment. Her work gives voice to those outside of mainstream media, and aims to counter the dominant values, information and world views portrayed in commercial media.
Diana McCaulay is a Jamaican environmentalist and writer. After working for many years in the private sector, she became concerned about environmental issues and formed the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) in 1991, eventually becoming JET’s CEO in 1998.  
An outspoken and tireless environmental advocate, Diana has served on a number of national boards and organizations. She was awarded the Euan P. McFarlane Environmental Leadership Award for the Caribbean in 2006.
 Photo Christine O’Sullivan  
            The Participants
                  (in order of appearance)
Anonymous Construction Workers at Fiesta site
Maxine Burkett, Environment Law Professor
Sylvie Grizzle, Hotelier
Mimi Sheller, Sociologist
Pedro Amoros, Hotel Construction Manager
Hugh Moncrieffe, Hotelier
Krista Thompson, Art Historian
Cyril Connell, Retired Fisherman
Norman Washington Manley, National Hero
William Whitman, Biologist
Karl Watson, Historian
Marie Freckleton, Economist
Raymond Cameron, Tourism Entrepreneur
Maureen Waite, Tourism Entrepreneur
Paletta Watt, Tourism Entrepreneur
Vivia Grant, Tourism Worker
Vincent Moore, Tourism Entrepreneur
Robin Latham, Cook
Dwayne Vernon, Sociologist
Randy Cole, Visitor
Marlene Nicholson, Community Member
Veronica Tracy, Community Member
Robert Williams, Car Mechanic
Cliff Reynolds, Local Government Official
Daniel Grizzle, Hotelier
P.J. Patterson, Minister of Tourism, Prime Minister
Hugh Shearer, Prime Minister,
Danielle Andrade, Attorney at Law
David Walker, Developer
Charles Broomfield, Developer
Josef Forstmayr, Hotelier
Bryan Langford, Water Sports Operator
Peter Gayle, Marine Scientist
Stanley Wollery, Fisherman
Omar Dixon, Fisherman
Troy Jumpp, Fisherman
Wendy Lee, Environmentalist
Elke Macdonald, Community Member
Adrian Bayley-Hay, Tourism Consultant
Bilma Grant, Community Member
Quincy Grant, Fisherman
John Maxwell, Journalist
Leo Brewster, B’dos Coastal Zone Manager
Leonie Barnaby, Ministry of the Environment, Ja
Pauline Haughton, St. Ann Chamber of Commerce
Frank Lawrence, St. Ann Parish Development Committee
Gran Bahia Principe Hotel Representative
Roger Williams, NEPA
Rose Ewart, Community Member
Julianne Mais-Cox, Attorney at Law
Fitzgerald Christie, Fisherman
Peter Rose, Bar Owner
Clayton Powell, Marine Park Ranger
Omar Ebanks, Marine Park Manager
Anthony “Mighty Gabby” Carter, Calypsonian
Dian Holgate, Education Officer (Ed DVD Only)
  The Credits   
Written and Produced by
Esther Figueroa
Diana McCaulay
Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Esther Figueroa
Key Grip
Diana McCaulay
Line Producers - Jamaica
Carlette Falloon
Christine O’Sullivan
Line Producers - Barbados
George Lamming
Theo Williams
Image Treatment & Motion Graphics
Daniel Bernardoni
Archival Footage
The National Library of Jamaica
Audio Visual Department
Home Movies
Dawn McCaulay
Research & Postproduction Assistance
Tamoy Singh
Robert Kinlocke
Maureen Milbourn
Danielle Andrade
Nadia Watson-Spence
Kerry-Ann Curtis
Andrea Fender-Longman
Jonathan Chambers
Diana McCaulay
Esther Figueroa
Narration Recording Engineers
Kwesi Tinglin
Debbie Parks
Audio Mastering
Andre Zweers
Screaming Lizard Productions
Video Mastering
Forest Cutright
Bucket of Bits
Accommodation Courtesy of
Round Hill Hotel and Villas
Charela Inn
Rondel Village
Gloria and Lynford Walters
Dipti Ghosh and Meggy Gotuaco
Doris Taitano and Judy Parks
Jamaica National Anthem (Instrumental)
performed by Jamaica Defence Force Military Band
“Fools Die”
Written and Performed by Peter Tosh
Honorary Citizen, Disc 3
(Remastered) 1997, Sony
“Marcus Garvey”
Written and Performed by Burning Spear
Marcus Garvey
1975, Palm/Mango
“Requiem, Op 48”
Composed by Gabriel Faure
English Chamber Orchestra
Choir of King’s College Cambridge
Conducted by Philip Ledger
1982, EMI Records Ltd.
“Spanish Dance No. 2, Op 37, C-minor”
Composed by Manuel de Granados
Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra
Peter Breiner Conductor
1989, Amadis
Jamaica National Anthem (Sung)
Written and Composed by
Hugh Sherlock, Charles Lightbourne
Mapletoft Poulle, Alison Poule
Reggae Plus Radio on the Internet
“Long Time Gal”
Jamaican Folk Song
Sung by youth chorus at Independence
Ceremonies at the National Stadium
August, 1962
“Song to the Moon”
from “Rusalka”
Composed by Antonin Dvorak
Sung by Renee Fleming
London Orchestra
Georg Solti
1996, London
“Chants D’Auvergne – Pastourelle”
Composed by Joseph Canteloube
Sung by Dawn Upshaw
Orchestre de l-Opera de Lyon
Kenta Nagano Conductor
1994, Erato
The Collaboration
                    Photo Wendy Lee      
                      Photo Christine O’Sullivan
Esther and Diana first worked together on Cockpit Country: Voices from Jamaica's Heart (2006). Jamaica for Sale (2008) is their second film collaboration.
The making of Jamaica for Sale was especially satisfying for Esther as it allowed her to express her love for Jamaica. New to film making, Diana found travelling around Jamaica, talking to Jamaicans who work in the tourism industry or live in resort areas, capturing their voices and faces, an unforgettable experience.
Esther and Diana deeply appreciate the contribution of everyone who worked on the film – especially those who spoke to us frankly on camera about their lives, disappointments, hopes and fears.  
         Photo Christine O’Sullivan    
          Photo Christine O’Sullivan
Photo Wendy Lee
      Photo Christine O’Sullivan
News Footage
TVJ News Archive
Archival Images
The Gleaner Company Library
The National Library of Jamaica
Special Collections Department
Wendy Lee
Bilma Grant
Krista Thompson
Ivan Goodbody
Aerial Photography
Jack Tyndale-Biscoe
Underwater Photography
Montego Bay Marine Park
Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society
Omar Spence
Additional Footage
Montego Bay Marine Park
ATLAS Studios
Rebekah West
Bret Mann
Wendy Lee
Clovis Brown
Production and Postproduction Facilities
Vagabond Media
Juniroa Productions, Inc.
Norman Manley Speech
The Daily Gleaner, 6, April 1962
Palymyra Public Relations Copy
Marine Transportation Courtesy of
Troy Jumpp
Montego Bay Marine Park
Discovery Bay Marine Lab
Captain’s Water Sports
Quincy Grant
Diana McCaulay
Paul Dixon
Esther Figueroa
Philip Nanton
Valance Roberts
Danielle Andrade
Charles McDonald
Lynford Walters
Music Clearances
Jonathan Chambers
“Sun is Shining”
Written and Performed by Bob Marley
Natural Mystic
1995, Polygram Records
“Softcore Surge”
Written and Performed by Sly and Robbie
Island Outpost 3
1999, Palm Pictures, Island Outposted
Written and Performed by Tracy Chapman
2001, Warner Brothers
“The Garden”
Written and Performed by Della Manley
Ashes on the Window Sill
1990, Riverside Music
“A Dub Experience”
St. Germain
Quango Dub Selector
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“Babylon Dub”
Groove Corporation
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Written and Performed by Burning Spear
Marcus Garvey
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“Everybody Knows”
Written and Performed by Leonard Cohen
The Essential Leonard Cohen
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“Fade Away”
Written and Performed by
Junior Byles
Rockers Original Soundtrack
1978, Island Records
The Music